New in version 2

We have included many significant improvements. Among them are the new design, simplified installation, improved security features, and automation. Share the love and tell your friends about froxlor!

Modern UI & UX Design

Our user-interface design is based on Bootstrap 5 and is fully responsive and mobile friendly.

Easy Installation

The new installation process is fully rewritten and is much more stable. Get ready in seconds.

Multiple MySQL Servers

Add multiple MySQL servers to froxlor and assign them to customers.

SSL enabled by default

All new installations will have SSL enabled by default. You can still disable it if you want to.

PHP-FPM enabled by default

All new installations will have PHP-FPM enabled by default. You can still change it to FCID or mod_php.

Versatile CLI Tool

The CLI tool is based on Symfony Console and offers a lot of new features.

Bookworm & Jammy Support

Froxlor now supports Debian 12 (Bookworm) and Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy).

Support for PHP 8

The panel itself is now written in PHP 7.4 and is fully compatible with PHP 8.

Many Bugfixes

We fixed a lot of bugs and improved the stability of froxlor.


Fast, reliable and cost-free.

Froxlor offers a range of features including support for multiple domains and subdomains, email accounts, database management, and support for popular programming languages like PHP. It also has a user-friendly interface with a range of customization options, allowing users to tailor their hosting experience to their specific needs.

True Multi-Stack

Select which domain should use which IPv4, IPv6, or even port.

Advanced SSL

Determine which ports should use SSL and allow customers to store certificates per domain.

PHP configuration

Manage different PHP configurations using FCGID or PHP-FPM and choose per domain.

Resellers & Customers

Manage reseller resources and limit customers use in the dedicated customer panel.

Traffic calculation

Collect dedicated HTTP, FTP, and Mail traffic and view it in interactive graphs.

API based

Access all significant functions via API to gain complete control over your hosting. See the API guide for more information.

Themeable interface

Style froxlor by overwriting the basics like CSS or creating your custom theme.

Let's Encrypt

Use free certificates from Let's Encrypt directly from within froxlor.

Other Features

Web-forwarders, e-mail accounts, MySQL management, directory protection & -settings, shell access