Get Started

Install froxlor on your server

The documentation is the best place to start. It contains all the information you need to install and configure froxlor.

We recommend that you read the documentation before installing froxlor. It will help you understand the installation process and the features of froxlor. Skip to the next step if you already know how to install froxlor.

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Experienced user?

Get the latest version of froxlor

If you already know how to install froxlor, you can download the latest version of froxlor from here.

Direct downloads

The latest stable release is recommended for production use.
Download latest stable release:

2.1.9 »

For older versions of froxlor please refer to our release archive.


Froxlor is also available as package for Debian and Ubuntu.

  • Debian: deb $(lsb_release -sc) main
  • Ubuntu: deb $(lsb_release -sc) main

For help on how to install/use these packages, please refer to our documentation.

Get the source

For managing the sourcecode, froxlor relies on the DSCM git. You may easily clone our repository from the sources below or fork it on GitHub, where we welcome pull-requests as well.

  • git clone git:// <target/directory>
  • git clone <target/directory>
  • Browse sources: